Why aren't you responding to my email? Is JBidwatcher still supported?

I am surprisingly busy, both with looking for work, fixing JBidwatcher, being a dad, and other independent projects (that I hope may someday be the next JBidwatcher). It takes me around 5-10 minutes per email to respond, and I get enough that I wouldn't have the time to spend with my wife and son, much less other projects, were I to respond to all of them.

I read every email, and I really try to respond to as many as I can, but sometimes a week goes by where I just don't have the chance, and then I'm behind by an unresolvable amount. At that point my only reasonable option is to let things fall on the floor. This is one of the reason I've gone to a new support system, powered by the awesome ENTP guys down in Portland.

JBidwatcher is definitely still being supported. If I ever choose not to, that will be front-and-center in big letters on the JBidwatcher home page. Also, if I ever do decide to stop, the first thing I'll do is try to see if anyone else is interested in maintaining it.

I don't see me stopping JBidwatcher any time soon, though. In fact, I've done more work on JBidwatcher in the last year than any prior year, and the activity is regularly increasing.