I'm getting a small graphic with words, letters, or numbers on a complex background (CAPTCHA) prompting me whenever I log in to eBay through my web broswer. Will JBidwatcher still work? What can I do to make it go away?

Firstly no, unfortunately, JBidwatcher will not work.

While I could design an algorithm to break eBay's CAPTCHA, I will not, because it would be abused by people looking to break into accounts. Secondly, it would be a great deal of work to do (and increase the size of JBidwatcher substantially) just for an eBay tool. Thirdly, eBay could easily change it so that my algorithm no longer worked, and I'd be out that work, without anything useful for my users.

Really the only answer for making the CAPTCHA go away is to stop using JBidwatcher for a little while. JBidwatcher cannot bypass the CAPTCHA, because that's what the CAPTCHA is designed to do.

The issue is this: eBay sees 'suspicious behavior' on your account, of some kind. Very possibly multiple failed login attempts. They turn on CAPTCHA's for it. They won't turn it off until the login failures cease. JBidwatcher normally detects the CAPTCHA and informs you that it won't even try to log in. They may have changed the wording, so JBidwatcher isn't detecting it anymore, but the underlying issue is the same.

As long as there's a CAPTCHA, JBidwatcher will fail to log in, which will cause eBay to continue to show CAPTCHA's. You need to stop using JBidwatcher for a little while, log in normally, and use eBay normally. After a day or so, the security alert on your account will go away, and you can log in normally. Then JBidwatcher should work normally also. (Just make sure it's got the correct account information in it, or the whole problem will start again. My recommendation is to set the correct username/password in JBidwatcher, save the config, and close and restart the program.)

eBay's security trappings are annoying, but they are just trying to avoid people running 'bots' to try passwords against their user's accounts.

A future version may have a 'once a day' requirement, that means that if there's a captcha up, you have to manually respond to it once a day in order to keep JBidwatcher working. It's about the best I can come up with, but it might work.